SEO - Tips and Tricks



Are you new to the idea of using SEO as a means of increasing traffic and making sure that you get a higher ranking on search engine results pages? Well, if that is the case then you have certainly found the right article.


Getting a high page rank to your website is very crucial to increase the traffic to the website. Page rank is an assessment value Google provides to the website. If your website has back links from other websites which have higher page rank this will automatically increase the value of your page.


Now that you have started a website, you would like it to be on the top position of Google. Does it actually happen? And what does it take to be on the first page of Google? Well, let me say it is not a simple straightforward process. It is going to take effort and patience to crawl your way up to get good positions in search engines. So here we present a simple, easy to understand, Guide to SEO - The art of Search Engine Optimization.