Local Search Optimization: Not As Easy As It Seems for the Business Owner



One thing that I always read or hear from other people is that there is no competition in local search optimization, it's easy to get a top ranking. While that's probably true for the ultra competitive market of dirt farming. A market that is actually competitive and the competition is already doing local search optimization it can be tricky.


We live in a world dominated by speed. Everything has to happen lightening fast, including finding appropriate search results. The quicker results have been achieved, the happier a web user will be. Google is quite aware of this trend and, therefore, came up with a new, brilliant idea. It recently announced its newest interface, Google Instant.


This article will discuss 3 techniques to help you with SEO and ranking your site in the search engines. Especially pay attention to tip #1, as many people neglect this. It's surprising, as it could make search engine visitors click your listing, even if it was not in the number 1 position for the keyword.