Internet Marketing 101 For Newbies - SEO For Newbies



SEO for newbies is an article about Search Engine Optimization as it pertains to article marketing for newbies. In this article how will discuss the basics of SEO. It is vitally important that everyone, especially newbies,understand this concept.


The relevance of key words and search terms in page content and title, description tags is a major factor in terms of search engine optimisation. Adding key words to title tags and description tags can make a big difference to you search engine ranking. I recently added some new key words to one of my sites description and title tags and within two days the site had moved form page fourteen to page three, and this is without any other optimisation work.


Choosing keywords that are relevant to the content of the website or product is the key factor in search engine optimization. There are keyword search tools available on the internet which helps you find the best matching keyword to the content.